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Donna Gunter

I specialize in amplifying website traffic and mastering lead generation for seasoned small business owners. With 24 years in the business, my expertise lies in devising strategies that significantly elevate online visibility and effectively boost conversion rates. My keen insights allow me to perceive hidden connections and intricate patterns, akin to viewing a detailed blueprint or revealing X-ray. I pride myself on delivering solutions that are not only straightforward and enjoyable but also highly effective. With my guidance, your lead generation and traffic generation will be as easy as it is impactful!


Why Should You Subscribe?

In the bustling bazaar of the digital world, imagine your business as a hidden gem. Sparkling, valuable, but undiscovered. You've poured your soul into your venture, but what if the world's map to your treasure is, well, a bit foggy? Every passionate business owner has faced this. Brilliant ideas? Check. Unwavering passion? Double-check. Visibility? Ah, there's the rub. 

It's not enough to just "be online"; it's about making waves in the vast ocean of the internet. If you've ever felt like your digital shout is lost in the wind or like you're a needle in the proverbial haystack, it's time to redraw the treasure map. 

Website traffic generation isn't just a strategy; it's your beacon in the digital night. Dive deep with us. Let's transform your hidden gem into the crown jewel, dazzling and unmissable in its brilliance. 

What You're Going to Discover Inside Each Issue

Strategy Overview

In the vast digital ocean, standing out is an art. The Website Traffic Pro monthly playbook is your paintbrush. Each issue dives deep, offering curated, actionable strategies to amplify your online presence. We distill the complex world of traffic generation into bite-sized, impactful wisdom. Don't navigate blind; let us be your guiding lighthouse.

Implementation Guide

Transforming web traffic isn't magic; it's a method. The Website Traffic Pro monthly playbook unveils that method step-by-step. Each edition delivers a crafted implementation guide, turning theories into tangible results. It's your blueprint, demystifying the maze of online visibility. Dive in, execute with precision, and watch your digital footprints multiply. Journey from lost to luminous! 

Worksheets, Templates, and Checklists

Elevate your online strategy with the Website Traffic Pro monthly playbook's treasures: meticulously crafted templates, foolproof checklists, and hands-on worksheets. It's not just about knowing; it's about doing. We've streamlined the path from insight to action, ensuring your journey to web dominance is both intuitive and impactful.  

Inside This Month's Playbook


Repurpose, Reengage, Reignite:

Boost Your Business with Content Repurposing

Repurposing content means creatively transforming your original work into new formats to reach different audiences or serve new purposes. Whether you create content from scratch or acquire it, you can enhance its value by using it multiple times and adhere to its terms of service. For instance, merging several blog posts into an engaging eBook or online course can give old content new life. Similarly, chapters from an eBook can inspire a YouTube series, enrich a coaching session, or spark a group challenge.

Remember, your content is a precious asset. It can attract new clients, educate your audience, and please your customers. Many business owners overlook the myriad ways to leverage this asset, thus missing opportunities to magnify its impact and worth. Embrace repurposing to maximize your content's potential and see your efforts flourish.

Inside this Month's Playbook:

  • Part 1: Why Content Repurposing is Essential for Success
  • Part 2: Repurposing a Blog Post to Another Blog Post Format
  • Part 3: Convert Your Blog Post to a Slideshow
  • Part 4: Convert Slideshow to Video
  • Part 5: Convert Your Blog Post to an Infographic
  • Part 6: Create an Audio Version of Your Blog Post
  • Part 7: Schedule Social Sharing
  • Part 8: Templates
    • Taking Inventory Worksheet
    • Repurposed Blog Post Worksheet
    • Convert Post to Slideshow Worksheet
    • Convert Slideshow to Video Worksheet
    • Create Infographic from Blog Post Worksheet
    • Create Audio Version Worksheet
    • Schedule Social Sharing Planner
    • Social Sharing Tracker
    • 55 Ways to Repurpose Your Content
  • Part 9: Next Steps Implementation
  • Part 10: What's Coming Next Month

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Drive, Thrive, Repeat: Monthly Insights to Fuel Your Online Success.

Every business owner holds a digital spark. But how do you fan that spark into a roaring blaze? A monthly website traffic generation playbook is your bellows. Dive in, and let curated insights and strategies fuel your growth. Don't just exist online; make waves, make impact. Ignite your potential!


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